Search and Social Media

Simply having a website (even a fancy one) is not enough for your customers or constituents to easily find you online. Today’s best web initiatives combine a variety of tools and techniques into a comprehensive interactive strategy.

analyticsEveryone wants their business to pop up on the first page of Google, of course, but organic search results are equal parts art and science. Simply stuffing keywords onto your web pages is no longer the answer. Your site needs optimization of text and page structures, to be sure, but successful search also relies upon creating “relevance,” through blogging, linking strategies and meaningful customer engagement.

Social media sites like Facebook or Linkedin need to work in concert with your site, driving back-and-forth traffic. A properly branded YouTube channel, optimized with appropriate titles and tags, can also boost search results. Depending on your business and target audience, you might embrace press releases, Twitter or blogging and graphic newsletters.

DG Media Arts can quantify how you rank against the competition, help you sort through communications options, and execute a campaign that pushes your site to the top of the heap.