Photography and Print Design

Leave stock photography to the other guys. Personalize your work.

Our photography illustrates the best of your business. We’ll use original images as the graphic foundation for your dynamic website, or integrate them in striking and effective print pieces. Trifold brochures, posters and direct mail pieces are often the core of your marketing efforts, and DG Media Arts’ creative team can deliver print-ready files to your specifications. Ditch the stock photos and engage DG Media Arts to create authentic imagery. Your customers can tell the difference, and your business deserves it.

All DG Media Arts productions are rooted in the still photographic image; its power to illuminate larger themes through a single frame. Our video pieces often contain stills, to convey an emotion or underscore poignant audio when moving images might otherwise distract. Formal photographic training has provided us with a keen awareness of image composition and aesthetic. Video captures 30 frames per second, but the basic elements of a strong photograph remain: light, contrast, and frame design.

“The photo is a thing in itself.” –Garry Winogrand

Recent Projects

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McKee Billings

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